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ashuriibee asked: Hey I was wondering if you could tag me in this but I have a question do Mel and Kalel hate each other? Someone said that they do o.o just curious

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we only see such small glimpses into youtubers lives, so it’s very hard to say.

However, this has been posted numerous times in tags suggesting that they are NOT friends, but I have not yet found any proof that this tweet is real. 


So really, its very hard to tell. They could be friends, they could not be friends, I really have no idea. 

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Anonymous asked: Do you know or believe that Ian is really more sad than he used to be? If so, do you have any idea why?

I do believe Ian seems sadder, but I really don’t know why. That’s the problem with youtubers, we want to be able to give them our support and love and help them through things, but we only see little bits of their lives… so half the time we don’t know what’s going on… 

It’s really heartbreaking.

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Anonymous asked: the link of the milk story doesn't exist any more it says sorry not found

Unfortunately, I can only find it in it’s original form; a Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie fic. 

Just change Ryan’s name to Ian’s and Brendon’s to Anthony’s.

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Anonymous asked: I feel really stupid for asking, but does Anthony and Ian still live togheter? (I recently started to become interested in their videos)

Don’t feel stupid! It’s a common question.

No, they don’t live together anymore. Anthony lives in L.A while Ian lives in Sacramento with his girlfriend, Melanie. 

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Anonymous asked: Is lasercorn married to a black woman?

Yes; he got married sometime in the summer last year.

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