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Anonymous asked: I haven't noticed any, but do you accept confessions about the Games guys(Lasercorn, Jovenshire, Sohinki)?

Yes. We typically don’t get any, however.

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My opinion on the Kalel hate.

I honestly hate how much smosh fans hate on Kalel. They don’t know anything about her past and they take things they hear off the internet and base their perspectives of her off of false articles. The internet isn’t always right and smosh fans need to get that through their heads. I watch Watchusliveandstuff and I have followed Kalel through her journey on YouTube. She just wants to have fun and make videos, she might have told a few white lies on her oldest channel but she admitted to them and people still hate on her to this day. Of course when trust is broken it’s hard to build back up again, but I don’t get why people can’t forgive and forget. It’s not like she lied about being a girl or something. It’s small lies that she admitted to. If you were a real smosh fan and really supported Smosh you would support Anthony and Kalel and feel good that they are getting married. I support Anthony and Kalel so much, they are so happy together. If you watched their channel together WatchUsLiveAndStuff, then you would see how happy they are to be together. I know people feel like Kalel is taking Anthony away from Ian but if you really looked at the videos and payed attention you can see that Anthony and Ian are still the best of friends and they obviously will never stop making videos until the end. (btw im a smosh fan, I just don’t hate on kalel)

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mybabeandmeforever asked: Ok just a question are the confessions fan submitted or do you think this, and if these are your confessions( and I'm sorry in advance because I will probably be ranting) but I don't really like the way you or the "fans" of smosh are talking about kalel like seriously get over it, she isn't getting married to anthony just for the fame, it's because they love each other and her fans no they are not pathetic, they are probably the most encouraging fans there is

Fan submitted. And I’m sorry, but I can’t control what people say about Kalel or anyone else.

We are a fan-submitted confession blog; we will post any and all confessions related to Smosh. 

I personally love Kalel, and know that Anthony wouldn’t be marrying her if he didn’t truly believe he loved her as much as she loves him. However, that being said, if fans see differently; than that’s fine. 

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